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Taking a public elevator while wearing clothes that are too revealing and cool is probably a great lesson for women to learn, typically the two sisters in the movie above. The story begins with a rare incident in an elevator that left 4 men and two pretty, plump sisters trapped. While waiting for someone to rescue them, it was the way both girls dressed that was the main reason why the lust of those lustful guys began to rise. A blouse worn over a bra and mesh panties is an outfit that puts girls at an extremely high risk of being raped. Even though there was a brave guy among them who stood up to protect the two of them, it was all in vain because how could he alone be able to fight back with his strength filled with sexual excitement? in front of those three bastards. So they knocked him unconscious and of course the two poor girls had to suffer the appropriate consequences for their ridiculous way of dressing.

CRB-123013-511 Raped two sisters in a stuck elevator

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 Quick Link: xem2.javhd.email/146  xem2.javhd.email/code/CRB-123013-511 

 Movie Code: CRB-123013-511 

 Actor: Maika 

 Category: Jav Japanese Sex Movies Collective Sex Movie XNXX SEXTOP1 

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