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Her seductive figure and lustful face are the things that secretary Hidaka makes many guys in the company fall in love with. Ever since she started working here, there have been so many hungry eyes focused on her, and yet, her easy-going enthusiasm makes the men in the company always have desires. Lust for this attractive, voluptuous body. Of course, the manager is no exception, because he has a higher position than those ordinary employees, so the opportunity for him to achieve his wish is completely understandable. After a few flirting dates, the two developed feelings for each other. Especially one time when all the employees left, there were only two people left at the company. The lust and desire broke out so strongly that both of them could not control it, and the first time they had sex happened right at the same place. they met.

HEYZO-1776 Fuck each other during work hours

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 Quick Link: xem2.javhd.email/16  xem2.javhd.email/code/HEYZO-1776 

 Movie Code: HEYZO-1776 

 Actor: Riko Hidaka 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies VLXX 

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