Home    Knowing that his son was physically weak, his father-in-law psychologically "comforted" his daughter-in-law

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Lily and Satoshi have been married for three years, and she also lived with her father-in-law during this time. Even though she has lived together for a long time, she still cannot get closer to her conservative and stubborn father-in-law. Because he is a conservative person, following the ideology of respecting men over women, he does not allow Lily to eat meals with the whole family, and is not allowed to interfere when men talk... He also constantly reminds the couple to quickly give birth to a son to continue the family line. She also wants to have children, but Satoshi has erectile dysfunction. He always ejaculates before Lily can feel anything. Because she was afraid her husband would be hurt, Lily didn't say anything. But her father-in-law downstairs just needed to listen to know what she was thinking. One day after having sex with her husband, Lily was taking a shower when she saw her father-in-law standing there looking at her. He said he knew that she was not satisfied so he wanted to make it up to her. And that night, her father-in-law made Lily feel happiness, a feeling that her husband had never been able to give her. After that, even though she wanted to deny it, that feeling of happiness always lingered in her head, making her feel uneasy, wanting to enjoy more. And from then on, she and her father-in-law had sex countless times, each time she let him ejaculate inside her. Everything continued until the day Lily discovered she was pregnant, and she didn't know who the baby in her womb belonged to...

Knowing that his son was physically weak, his father-in-law psychologically

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 Actor: Lily Hart 

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