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Aoi is assigned a large-scale business meeting and decides to go on a business trip. Why was I entrusted with this business negotiation? That's because his business partner, Chairman Oki, is a man famous for “loving women” and “arrogant”. It was a plan to take her, the most beautiful woman in the company, and make a successful transaction … When the entertainment begins, Aoi is forced to undergo humiliating sexual entertainment in front of her boss, where her body is groped. She survived the sexual harassment entertainment and returned to her residence, but the sexual entertainment with Ohki had only just begun …

JUQ-191 Go sign a contract with a pretty employee

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 Quick Link: xem2.javhd.email/17  xem2.javhd.email/code/JUQ-191 

 Movie Code: JUQ-191 

 Actor: Aoi Ichino 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Rape Sex Movie Adultery Sex Movie XVIDEOS VLXX 

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